Friday 10 April 2015

Springing into action

This past week has been so lovely with longer sunny days and suddenly winter is over. At last.
I've been trying to put my sewing studio back in order - not easy! But the makeover is worth all the effort as you can see. 

Still lots of fabric sorting to be done but slowly it's coming together. I am so thrilled. 
I was up in Surrey just before Easter and delivered the birthday surprise quilt to my friend Helen. She was so delighted and the bright colours went well in her bedroom. Big Hit!
I went to London and saw Dot and Minnie. My little granddaughter is growing fast and is totally gorgeous.
We met up with my cousin Margi whom I haven't seen for a couple of years so lots to catch up on. 

Minnie has discovered the mirror and is so funny when sat in front of it!
All too soon time to go:
Robbie's been down for Easter which was great. He visited friends who have just had a little girl and delivered another quilt which was a success.

and this weekend my sister and brother in law are here so I'm having a mad clean up!  Too many cobwebs!
Then back to work on a fun dinasaurs quilt for a little boy in Australia who is mad about them 
I'm really enjoying sewing this knowing what a success it will be!
My cross stitch has taken a back seat recently as my hand is still sore from the accident. I can only sew for about an hour before it begins to ache. So annoying. 
One last picture of Minnie:

And now I'm off to do some baking ready for the weekend. 
I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the spring sunshine. Thanks for popping by!