Thursday 15 March 2012

Spring and Finishes

Well this week I have collected three framed pictures, and dropped off three more to be framed - I think I am their Number One customer at the moment - lots of Noah's Arks!  This one is for William whom I will be meeting for the first time next week, very excited about that. 
This one I think I shall keep, I just love it and it can be part of my Noah's Ark collection. 
I have just finished this one for Ida:  looking forward to seeing it framed.
 I have had quilts out on the washing line for a freshen up, and have been moving various pictures around which is always good fun:  they get a new lease of life in a different room.
This is one of my favourite quilts made with oddments and bits from various patchwork classes - it all came together so well, I just love it.
Spring is well and truely here in  Devon - when I awoke yesterday I found I had new neighbours in the field next to us:  they are so gorgeous and it is always good to see the cows back out in the field!
And I think our 14 year old Tabby cat - Reg - thinks he's a plant!  He is such a "human" cat! - our dear friends Lyn and Bob came for Sunday roast last weekend, and Reg sat with Lyn throughout the meal.  She is luckily very fond of cats!  You can hear him asking:  Where's my plate of roast pork?!
I am now about to totally blitz my sewing studio - and hopefully that will inspire me back into my fabric pile - I feel that I have lost my patchwork drive, but with luck a couple of hours fondling some of the glorious fabrics I have in my stash will bring it all back. 
I am currently reading the wonderful children's classic "Pollyanna" - I am now playing the "Glad" game. I am so fortunate in many ways and hopefully it will help me banish away - even if only on a temporary basis - the huge amounts of stress that have filled my life in the recent months.  There is nothing I can do about the stress - so I will be "glad" that I have a wonderful family, good health and amazing friends.  Thank you Pollyanna for this reminder.