Wednesday 23 April 2014

More Busy Days ....

I am behind with posting once again - life has just got in the way recently.  However, I have been productive so I think it will be easier to work backwards and catch up:

Over Easter we had my beautiful Goddaughter Ginny and her 3 boys aged under 10 to stay, along with her parents:  full on family fun.  Little Freddie will be 7 next month so I had made him a fun "boys quilt" for his bunk bed:  it was a Big Success:  it had pirates, dinasaurs, outer space, musical instruments etc. etc:

Easter egg hunts, dens in the forest, fun in the garden:  all good.

The previous weekend I was in London and managed to catch up with all three of my children.  Dot is looking radiant:  here she is with Maarten having just unwrapped the most beautiful shawl that my dearest friend Lise has knitted for their baby:  a true heirloom:  it is absolutely gorgeous.
We went pram/buggy/car seat shopping - all so exciting!
I then went over to Borough Market:

I love this place, full of the freshest food:  fruit vegetables and flowers and cheeses etc. etc.  - with a wonderful view of The Shard:
Some years ago when The Shard was under construction I sat on a bench in Borough Market having a coffee, and a man came and sat beside me and told me all about The Shard, and how his business was a company which would clean all those windows - whenever I look at that amazing building I think of that conversation - and how overwhelming a task it must be!
I then caught up with Fran and Angelo, and met their beautiful cat MiuMiu:
and then Robbie came over:
It is very rare for me to see everyone, so I was Happy Happy!

Towards the end of March my 94 year old Mother was taken ill and rushed into hospital with Gastroenteritus.  I rushed up to Nottingham on a Saturday afternoon and arrived at the Queens Medical Centre after 5 hours of anxious driving.  She was so so poorly.  But they fixed her up on a drip and sent her home 3 days later - she arrived home at 7.45 pm, far too late for someone so frail and weak.  Not good.  But slowly slowly she has got a bit stronger and after my weekend in London I then drove to Nottingham again to spend a few days with her.  She has good days and bad days - but we have more care coming in to help now - she is absolutely adamant that she wants to stay in her own home so that is where she is bless her.  It is not easy getting old.

I am still busy sewing the "Noah's Ark" sampler and I have also just started the Prairie Schooler "Alphabet" - this is a BIG project but I know I will love it.  I will post updated pictures of these next time.  I have started a patchwork quilt for my granddaughter too - so little time for housework!!!

I had a super fun time at Cowslip recently:  Mary Berry was visiting again - we had a dinner and talk on Wednesday evening, and then a wonderful food demonstration and delicious lunch eating what she had cooked!  As always it was wonderful to catch up with her, she is such an amazing lady - I just LOVE her!
Here I am with Mary and my friend Nicola (Scarlet Letter Years) who drove up from Poldhu Cove.

Spring is here (most of the time) - and our great excitement is the fact that Blue Tits are nesting in our Camera Bird Box.  It is such fun to watch the nest being built!:  the TV is permanently on the nest!:
She should be laying her eggs anytime now.... so  I keep on watching!  I will try and take more pictures as things progress!  They are a bit dark but I hope you get the idea.
I trust everyone is keeping well and busy and had a lovely Easter break - thank you for reading all about My Quilting Life.