Thursday 21 November 2013

Running behind - as usual........!

I can hardly believe it is over a month since I last updated my Blog - the weeks are passing too quickly and there has been much going on within my life.... but I would like to share with you some of my finishes.  What would I do without these wonderful hobbies - they keep me calm and sane and occupied, never lonely with a needle in my hand or with my Bernina in front of me purring away!
Back in the beginning of November Nicola (Scarlet Letter Challenge) and I got together and had a wonderful day at Cowslip making Christmas sacks and stockings - it was such fun and very productive. Here is the stocking which I made - it is almost finished - just backing and binding to do:
I went to Cowslip again last weekend for their Christmas Craft Fair - it was full of wonderful treasures and I managed to tick a few presents off my list.

I have been busy patchworking with some of the fabric purchased at the FOQ:

Both of these have now gone to Carole at Butterfly for longarm quilting. I have also collected two from her:  this one is now with little George on his bunk bed, and he loves it which is great:

And the one above is for..... yet to be decided!  This is similar to the wedding quilt which I recently made, just slightly more colourful - I love the pattern which is out of Jo Colwill's new book called "Cushions and Quilts".
I am now desperately trying to get on with Christmas quilts and cross-stitch:  I pulled everything out of the cupboards and baskets in my sewing studio the other day looking for one particular piece of fabric - I did eventually find what I was looking for but not until I had caused complete Sewing Room chaos!!  .... oh dear!  Will it ever be tidy again - probably not until the New Year! - watch this space!!:
Oh well, at least I have reminded myself what fabric is tucked away in my Studio!
I am making a small fun Christmas quilt for an almost 2 year old who is arriving from Australia shortly for Christmas:  hopefully it will keep him warm:
and I am cross-stitching some little gifts, lovely pattern from Nikyscreations:
I have also been busy making chutney's and pickling onions:  I love filling up all these jars and  hopefully the taste will outweigh the smell of vinegar that lingered in the kitchen!:

I am really looking forward to Christmas as Robbie and Nisha will be with us in Devon along with Dot and Maarten:

so we should have a really fun few days just enjoying spending time together in front of a log fire, playing Scrabble with maybe the odd glass of wine!!
Sadly we lost our dear old cat Reg at the end of October, he was nearly 16 years and was much loved, I do so miss him:
but we still have Bosun:  here he is helping me load the dishwasher!:
And Fran and Angelo have a new addition:  Miu Miu arrived in their London home last weekend!:
He is so so gorgeous!  I cannot wait to have a cuddle!
Well I must get back to my patchwork else that quilt will never be done in time.  Now the days are so short I have limited hours in my Studio as once the light goes I have to stop:  but at least we get to eat earlier every evening which makes Rodney happy!
I hope all of my Blog Followers are well, and keeping busy - I so enjoy following your blogs, they are full of inspiration and ideas.  Have a good week everyone... I will try and update more regularly.