Friday, 2 May 2014


I have been busy this week making a quilt for my expected granddaughter - it is fun finding fabrics that are relevant to Dot and Maarten, I just hope that they will love this when it is finished. The backing will be pieced too, so double sided!

I have also been cross-stitching the Prairie Schooler ABC and I am really enjoying this huge sampler - I imagine it will take me about a year to complete!
I am sewing it 3 letters across by 9 letters down - as we are fast running out of wall space I believe (mistakenly??!!) that it will be easier to find a home for this if it is long (60 ins I believe when finished!), rather than wide!  It is on 32 count Antique White Jobelin - so lovely to sew.  I work from right to left hence the C is my first letter!

Our Blue Tit is now sitting on 9 eggs!:
We spend so much time watching her:  there is nothing more fascinating than nature!
She fidgets around, turns the eggs - flies off for some food, returns - and then the male pops in and feeds her too.  Absolutely addictive - the best gift idea ever!

Dot's friend Grace (originally from New Zealand) came over from Paris (where she is currently living) last week - last year I made a quilt for her but she hasn't been to London to collect until now:  she was so thrilled so I thought I would just share a couple of photos of her unwrapping her quilt:

I think she likes it! So wherever Grace travels in the future she will never forget us!

I have planted up my pots this week - I just have the hanging baskets left to do.  It is still quite cold at night so I am keeping a close eye on everything.  I also bought lots of vegetables ready for planting today - leeks, sweetcorn, cauliflower, runner beans etc etc - home grown produce is the order of the day.  Fingers crossed!  I will keep you updated - the Wisteria is about to flower too - this year it is covered so when they are out I will take a photo and show you.

I hope everyone has a good weekend - a Bank Holiday here in the UK so please let the sun shine!
Thank you for popping by and catching up with My Quilting Life.


  1. How fun to watch mama, papa, and the soon to be baby birds. I had no idea they laid so many eggs.

  2. So lovely to watch the birds.I love your first quilt picture. The colours are beautiful.

  3. Fantastic! So special to give a quilt to your DD's friend. The quilt for your future granddaughter is wonderful! How cool to watch the bird nest! 9 eggs -- wow!

  4. Looks like lots of activity in the bird's nest! Your quilts are quite amazing. I especially love the one you have made for your expected granddaughter, such bright happy colors, it will be a treasure. I love your ABC start. I have to gather my supplies for that one. I like your idea of making tall and long, Enjoy the weekend!

  5. What a wonderful quilt, What a perfect gift to remind her of you all.
    I love your PS start. It is going to be an amazing sampler.
    The bird cam is pretty amazing too. I am looking forward to seeing updates about the babies.