Wednesday, 23 April 2014

More Busy Days ....

I am behind with posting once again - life has just got in the way recently.  However, I have been productive so I think it will be easier to work backwards and catch up:

Over Easter we had my beautiful Goddaughter Ginny and her 3 boys aged under 10 to stay, along with her parents:  full on family fun.  Little Freddie will be 7 next month so I had made him a fun "boys quilt" for his bunk bed:  it was a Big Success:  it had pirates, dinasaurs, outer space, musical instruments etc. etc:

Easter egg hunts, dens in the forest, fun in the garden:  all good.

The previous weekend I was in London and managed to catch up with all three of my children.  Dot is looking radiant:  here she is with Maarten having just unwrapped the most beautiful shawl that my dearest friend Lise has knitted for their baby:  a true heirloom:  it is absolutely gorgeous.
We went pram/buggy/car seat shopping - all so exciting!
I then went over to Borough Market:

I love this place, full of the freshest food:  fruit vegetables and flowers and cheeses etc. etc.  - with a wonderful view of The Shard:
Some years ago when The Shard was under construction I sat on a bench in Borough Market having a coffee, and a man came and sat beside me and told me all about The Shard, and how his business was a company which would clean all those windows - whenever I look at that amazing building I think of that conversation - and how overwhelming a task it must be!
I then caught up with Fran and Angelo, and met their beautiful cat MiuMiu:
and then Robbie came over:
It is very rare for me to see everyone, so I was Happy Happy!

Towards the end of March my 94 year old Mother was taken ill and rushed into hospital with Gastroenteritus.  I rushed up to Nottingham on a Saturday afternoon and arrived at the Queens Medical Centre after 5 hours of anxious driving.  She was so so poorly.  But they fixed her up on a drip and sent her home 3 days later - she arrived home at 7.45 pm, far too late for someone so frail and weak.  Not good.  But slowly slowly she has got a bit stronger and after my weekend in London I then drove to Nottingham again to spend a few days with her.  She has good days and bad days - but we have more care coming in to help now - she is absolutely adamant that she wants to stay in her own home so that is where she is bless her.  It is not easy getting old.

I am still busy sewing the "Noah's Ark" sampler and I have also just started the Prairie Schooler "Alphabet" - this is a BIG project but I know I will love it.  I will post updated pictures of these next time.  I have started a patchwork quilt for my granddaughter too - so little time for housework!!!

I had a super fun time at Cowslip recently:  Mary Berry was visiting again - we had a dinner and talk on Wednesday evening, and then a wonderful food demonstration and delicious lunch eating what she had cooked!  As always it was wonderful to catch up with her, she is such an amazing lady - I just LOVE her!
Here I am with Mary and my friend Nicola (Scarlet Letter Years) who drove up from Poldhu Cove.

Spring is here (most of the time) - and our great excitement is the fact that Blue Tits are nesting in our Camera Bird Box.  It is such fun to watch the nest being built!:  the TV is permanently on the nest!:
She should be laying her eggs anytime now.... so  I keep on watching!  I will try and take more pictures as things progress!  They are a bit dark but I hope you get the idea.
I trust everyone is keeping well and busy and had a lovely Easter break - thank you for reading all about My Quilting Life.


  1. What a wonderful time you've been having with family and friends! The quilt for your goddaughter's son is wonderful! Love seeing all your kids, and your visit with Mary and Nicola too. So exciting about the Blue Tits too!

  2. I love that quilt! Freddie looks so happy with it!

  3. So much fun stuff!! The birthday boy looks so happy wrapped up in his new quilt! The market shops look like a lot of fun. Nice to see all the fun you have had with family and friends. MiuMiu is SO pretty! I hope your mother is still improving and having more good days than bad days. Have the birdies laid their eggs?

    I also love the Prairie School ABCs and was pulling out the letters I have just a few days ago working on a layout. How are you planning on stitching them? Have you decided on fabric yet?

    Have a wonderful day, Angie! xx

  4. I'm glad to read that your Mum is getting better. It looks as if you had a great time in London. I think your little "grandchild-cat" is very cute! Jx