Monday, 19 May 2014

Busy at home and fun at the Malvern Quilt Show

I have been busy with cross stitch and patchwork these past days along with lots of gardening as the weather has been so beautiful:
Here is a Scarlet Letter pattern "Circling Alphabets" which I cross-stitched in a variegated thread as an eighteenth birthday present - I was really pleased with the effect of these threads:

I also finished a single quilt for a 9 year old, fun and girly - this now has to be quilted but again I was really happy with how this turned out:

Our Wisteria is fully out now and looks and smells amazing - it is just a pity the flowers don't last long:

On Friday morning I set off with my friend Lyn and off we drove to Malvern for the Spring Quilt Show.  We had an easy drive - 182 miles in under 3 hours - we were parked up drinking coffee in the warm sunshine before 9 oclock!  We had the best of days - lots of great stalls offering great temptation! - and much inspiration with the exhibited quilts.
Here are just a small selection of my favourites:  the talent on show was inspirational:

I could go on and on... and on....they were all so lovely!

On a totally different note, here are our baby Blue Tits:  they are difficult to photograph well, but we know we have 7 babies out of the 9 eggs:  they hatched last Wednesday so this is Day 6, they have quadrupled in size and wriggle about like little martians!
Mum and dad Blue Tit are in and out constantly feeding them, and Mum keeps turning them around in order to make sure they all get fed - it is just wonderful watching them.

Thank you for dropping by My Quilting Life - have a great week everyone and hopefully the sun  will shine over the Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. Great new finishes, Angie!! Love the new quilt and Circling Alphabets too! Looks like it was an amazing quilt show. We have some coming up soon here and I hope to get to them. I am fascinated with quilting. It is so sweet to be able to watch the baby birds, what a treat! Have a great week!

  2. Beautiful Alphabets and quilt too! Lovely! I love your house -- love the wisteria too. The quilt show looks like it was fabulous! Those baby birds -- so cute!

  3. Beautiful stitching Angie. I went to Malvern on the Thursday , lucky with the sunshine too. Like your choice of show and tell. Beautiful Wisteria.

    1. Your alphabet stitch is quite pretty. Oh the quilt show - endless eye candy there. Am enjoying the photos of your baby birds.

  4. Well - I've just spent ages reading through all your recent posts and wondering how I missed them! Your makes are all just wonderful - the smile on the face of your daughter's friend says it all! Thanks for posting all these gorgeous quilts. They are just inspirational aren't they? Hope things have settled down a bit now with your mum. X Cathy

  5. I love your version of Circling Alphabets, it looks very modern in those colours.

    The quilts are amazing too, I do enjoy looking at quilts, even though I don't make them myself.

  6. Love your finishes ..... and love that Wisteria- wow!! No pictures of your Malvern stash then??!!!

    Julia xx