Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pets in the Sun

It has been a beautiful day here in Devon and here are some photos of our pets lazing around! 
 I meanwhile have been cross-stitching on the porch - photo to follow.  Too hot in my Studio for patchwork!

Ben on our morning walk!
Ben and Reg on the porch.
Reg and Bosun  among the chimney pots.
A hot and tired Reg,

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Welcome to My Studio

Come on in! Let's be creative.

Sunday morning walk in the Tamar Valley

It was a damp grey Sunday, so Fran and I decided to take Ben, our 9 year old Goldie, for a long walk before lunch.

This is a view of our valley - the River Tamar from the Devon side.

This is Ben running away from the viaduct - with the local two-carriage train on it's way into Cornwall. Happy Dog.
Ben is now an even happy muddy dog - where did that stick go?

Walking home - ready for lunch!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Girly Saturday

Well, Fran and I were going to have a long walk on a beach - but the rain came down so - change of plan. We had a manicure each - must be 4 years since my nails have had such a treat - then down to Plymouth for a fun meal and an even funnier film - "Bridesmaids". Toe-curlingly hilarious. Highly recommended - what a super day we have had. And here we are in the photos with nail polish and cocktails!

Cross-stitch masterpiece

Here is the "Anniversaries of the Heart" sampler by Blackbird Designs.  I have so loved sewing this large cross stitch sampler, and making it personal by adding those I love and have loved to their respective months.  It is a family heirloom.

Wet Saturday

Well my eldest daughter Fran arrived yesterday for a weekend in "glorious Devon". This morning it is pouring with rain, cold and miserable. No going to a beach with the dog today - maybe a manicure and the cinema - such a shame.
The main job for Rod today is to hang my latest cross-stitch masterpiece! There will be pictures to follow. I have been sewing the "Blackbird Designs" Anniversaries of the Heart, and I am so thrilled with the end result. I sewed it on 25 count linen - and it is a history of my family and 2 closest friends. A month for every person I care, or have cared about. I have spent a day putting together a resume and photographs of each person sewn into this work and this will be securely attached to the back of the frame so that in years to come no details will be forgotten. There is also a condensed copy inside the frame. Just imagine in 500 years time when it goes to auction - they will have all the details which will make it far more interesting. Hopefully though it will always stay within the family.
Rod needs help to hang it now - it is 2 ft by 3 ft and heavy! here I go. Pictures when I return.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Devon home

Contrary to popular belief, the sun does not shine as often as we would like in Devon! But when it does "we live in heaven"! These pictures were taken yesterday on a truely glorious Thursday. My son Robbie has been down from London having a well earned rest, and here you will see him cuddling Reg, our 13 year old Tabby. The front porch outside the kitchen is where I sit and sew my cross-stitch - my husband Rod built the porch 4 years ago, and it has definitely been the biggest success. Come rain or shine we can sit and admire the view across the River Tamar.

Born to Quilt Mystery creation 2010

When I was in Normandy two years ago I discovered "Born to Quilt" ( in a French quilting magazine. This is such a beautiful and inspiring shop run by Vero Requena. It is true American/English country style- and clever Vero decided to run a "Mystery Quilt". This is just the sort of commitment and inspiration I needed. I signed up - and waited with great excitement every month for a new block to arrive. Each block was different and such big fun to put together. Of course inevitably it took me longer than 12 months, but here is the finished quilt - baisted and ready for me to hand quilt.

Back in action

Well, having started this Blog 2 years ago I have been extremely lapse. However, today is the real start date! I am up and running and full of good intentions.

I have been busy both in normal every day life and in quilt and sampler production. I will show you a few of my creations, and then hopefully this will now become a regular updated Blog. Fingers crossed I get the hang of all this and you enjoy.