Friday, 4 January 2013

A New Year and New Projects!

Well HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my blog followers:  I wish you all good health and happiness in 2013, and may we all continue to be CREATIVE!
One of the first things I do on New Years Day is unwrap my new calendars - and my favourite for many years has been the Susan Branch calendar - I do so love the drawings and sayings:
And I wonder what events will be noted down as each week and month passes - what will be will be!
The decorations have been packed away for another year and slowly the house returns to normal.
Toby loved his quilt - here he is with Ginny, his Mum:  it is his prized possession!
Robbie returned to London:  Reg did not want him to go!:  I won't move!!:
We received two wonderful parcels yesterday - Christmas gifts from abroad that had taken longer to get up to us from Plymouth than the time it took for them to be airmailed from Hawaii and Australia and reach the UK!!
This parcel is from my wonderful friend Sandi who lives in Maui:  it was full of Hawaiian delights:
There was a wonderful calendar full of magnificent Hawaiian sunsets, Hawaiian fabric and quilting pattern plus a book on the origins of Hawaiian quilts - plus a Susan Branch Photo Album!  I was in tears - with delight!  Plus chocs and a present for Rod from "Home Depot"!  We did laugh!
Then we started to open the box from Michelle in Australia:  the first gift that jumped out was a wonderful Noah's Ark musical globe!:  she knows me so well!
And then dear Reg decided that this was the place to spend the rest of the day: a very cosy box on the kitchen table!
And there he stayed until suppertime!  That look says "I am NOT moving"! The rest of the contents just blew us away - and I will post about them next time.
I am now planning my 2013 projects:  3 baby quilts need to be done, plus 2 wedding quilts and a 60th birthday quilt - no lazing around for me.  Plus some cross-stitch to be sorted out - especially what I shall be sewing for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year!  - that should keep me quiet.

We are now off to see "Skyfall" - better late than never!  I will blog my last finishes of 2012 and my new starts next time - soon!
Happy Sewing in 2013 for everyone!


  1. Looks like your Christmas was fun -- glad Toby liked his quilt. Nice presents from afar too!

  2. Isn't it great to receive Christmas packages even after Christmas? I love that. And I'm still waiting to get at least three packages that haven't arrived yet. So the fun is just a bit extended.
    Your quilting and stitching plans for this year sound great. I'm looking forward to seeing them here.