Sunday, 20 January 2013

The 70th Birthday Cheesecake Challenge!!

Although a lot of the UK seems to have lots of snow, we in our little corner of Devon have had barely a sprinkling.  Which has been great - as this weekend it has been Rod's 70th birthday and both my girls came down on Thursday from London along with their respective guys.  We have had such a fun weekend - the centre of which has been "The Cheesecake Challenge"!  Rod has been on a search for the "perfect cheesecake" ever since he and I got together back in the mid-90's.  So it was decided - up in London - to get together 70 different cheesecakes so he could try them all!  He was dumbstruck!  They numbered each cheesecake so we knew exactly which each one was:

The variations between them has been very interesting - some were just "yuk"! - some were too salty - some were far too sweet. Some did not taste of anything.  In the end the short list came down to 9:  and winner was:  drum roll......!!:..............the Waitrose New York Cheesecake!!
Yesterday we went out towards Dartmoor and had a wonderful Birthday lunch at The Elephant's Nest:  such a great pub and the food was delicious:
So all in all Rod's arrival into a new decade was a huge success:  here we are together:
Anyway the house is now quiet (far too quiet) as they all left this morning in good time for the drive back to London, and hopefully the roads are snow free.  Dot has taken with her two large quilts which I have finished:  one is for her friend Abby who departs back to Australia next week:
and the other quilt is for my dear friends Nina and Derek - they are currently based in London but home is New Zealand where they have a waterside home at Tolaga Bay:  so this quilt will eventually end up in NZ:
So this past week has been busy but so much fun.  I have not been able to get on with much cross-stitch for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Challenge, but will be settling down this afternoon by the fire to watch the Snooker final (I am a huge fan of the skill involved) so will try and get going again.
Might even have a slice of cheesecake with my tea!!


  1. OMG 70 cheesecakes, you needed me there to help. I love cheesecake.

    Happy birthday Rod.

  2. Ok, that is so cool!!! 70 cheesecakes to try! Yum!!!!! Now that's the way to celebrate a 70th birthday! Happy birthday to Rod!

  3. I love cheesecake too but that is a challenge too far for me. GLad to know which the best one is though and I may just pop in to Waitrose and buy one of those cheesecakes. New York Baked ones are my favourites. Some lovely stitching there. Not a great deal of snow here either although we have a covering which makes it look pretty. Happy birthday to your man.

  4. OMG!!! That is a lot of cheesecake, but what fun! Now you know exactly what kind to buy. Please send the Birthday Boy my good wishes.
    Those quilts are so gorgeous!

  5. Thanks everyone for comments: it was such a fun thing to do! I think I should write to Waitrose and tell them all about it - and the fact they had the winning cheesecake!

  6. That's an incredible amount of cheese cake..... I have a Waitrose locally so I must pop in and try the winning variety! Jx

  7. 70 different cheesecakes. WOW I would be in heaven. But the best cheesecake in the world. can be found in the states and it is made by The Cheesecake Factory in LA and their food is yummy to. But the one you can get from Costco here in the UK is definitely not the same. Glad you guys had a great weekend. Next December is my DHs 70th. But he's not a lover of cheesecake. Wonder if I could find 70 different chocolate cakes for my diabetic husband.