Thursday, 27 December 2012

Calm returns!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful peaceful and fun filled Christmas holiday - the build up is just so tremendous, and then suddenly the day is over and calm returns!  Christmas was lovely, the house was warm and cosy:
and I managed NOT to over cook the turkey - I trusted Nigella's cooking times, basted regularly with maple syrup and butter and it was the best most delicious bird (apologies to vegetarians!):
We received one of the best Christmas gifts ever from the kids - a mattress topper - pure heaven!  It is just THE BEST! - I highly recommend, I just cannot wait to get into bed and sink into this amazing comfort zone!  If I cannot be found, I shall be in bed - with a book and my sewing!!

Today we are off to visit dear close friends who have rented a cottage in  Devon for the holiday period, and last night I sat by the fire sewing the binding on this quilt for my God-daughter's 4 year old son Toby:  he is now obviously in a "big bed" and needs something more appriopriate than the baby quilt I made when he was born, so I have made this quilt with farms/animals on - it is really lovely though I say it myself!
It has a gorgeous backing too:

I hope the fun family time continues for you all, and that the rain in England and the snow in the USA does not get any worse.
Tomorrow it will be "sort out new 2013 projects" day - I cannot wait!


  1. It looks like you had a perfect holiday! Warm and cozy!

  2. Lovely quilt for your god daughter's son! Yay for big boy beds! Love seeing how warm and cosy your house looks for Christmas! Hope the rain stops being crazy in the UK.

  3. Your Christmas sounds great, including the delicious turkey. It's visible on the picture that it must have been delicious - and it makes my mouth water, lol.
    Such a lovely quilt for the 4year old.

  4. I am so pleased that you enjoyed your Nigella turkey. I think that a lot of turkeys were being cooked this way.

  5. The quilt is gorgeous - I'm sure that Toby will adore it. I'm going to remember your maple syrup tip for next year. It's sounds delicious. Jx

  6. You made such lovely quilts! And your home is so warm and nice, I love it.
    I wish you a happy and creative New Year!