Friday, 7 December 2012

Not enough time!

I was sewing away thinking I had plenty of time, and now suddenly there is only just over 2 weeks to go - December is going too fast, I need another month!
However, I am cross-stiching the last of 11 stockings - I definitely need to find some new patterns for next year's youngsters.  And the reactions to those that have already been given is amazing - which is really lovely, it makes every stitch so worth while.  Plus the Christmas Tree runner which I showed you in my last blog also hit the mark. I have made two more runners:

Both of these runners are for young friends who are now living in Australia - and talking of Australia, one of youngest daughter Dot's friends, who has lived in London for 8 years, is returning to Australia at the end of January.  I had promised Abby a quilt about 3 years ago now, and have felt guilty that I had never got around to making one for her.  Well - she will be going home with this "Seeds of Time":
I even managed to find some fantastic "British London fabric" which I have put on the four corners which I hope will remind her of her friends over here and her time spent living in London!:
So you can see why I am running out of time this month - I have even amazed myself that I have managed to make this large (95 ins square) quilt as well as everything else!  I think I have been sewing in my sleep! This is now over at "Butterfly Quilters" and I will collect and sew on the binding in the new year.
I have also sewn another wedding sampler:
and have recently had the lovely news that two of my God-daughters are getting married next year:  so more quilts and samplers to sew! - and so far two baby quilts to make for friends of eldest daughter Fran - I am sure as the months go on there will be more babies - and maybe more weddings, but I always love making baby quilts, they can be so much fun.
I am off up to Nottingham to see my dear old Mum next week, and on route will be seeing friends and delivering the above sampler, plus this quilt - this is a birthday present for one of my long time known friends.  Carol will be celebrating a significant birthday in January when they will be away in their home in Barbados, so I have made this is bright colours which I am hoping will look good in their beautiful home:
The weather down here in Devon has been absolutely horrendous over the past 3 weeks:  but I did manage to capture on camera this beautiful rainbow on my way home from Tavistock earlier this week:
So - I am off now to finish the last stocking, and maybe even make another Christmas runner - certainly my sewing studio needs a major tidy up (again!) before I go to Nottingham.  I shall be writing Christmas cards this weekend and wrapping some more presents.  I seem to visit our local Post Office daily at the moment.
Surprise -we have just taken delivery of a case of wine - - that will certainly be drunk before the end of 2012 - cannot wait to find out who has sent us such a great gift! I love pleasant surprises!!
I will blog again when I return from Nottingham - and when I have decorated the tree and put up some decorations.  Then the festivities can really get going!




  1. You are an amazing quilter Angie, enjoy your trip and have lots of fun with your case of wine.

    I am looking forward to seeing your tree which I know will be amazing.

  2. That quilt on your bed is amazing!! :)

    Just wanted to let you know I featured your blog yesterday on the post Wednesday Weekly Review #19! (

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  3. Your quilts are just stunning - I just made my first one ever, but I've got a long way to go, it seems! Happy Christmas. xCathy