Monday, 11 June 2012

Keeping Calm - just!

I will start this Blog with one of the best cards ever:
I just absolutely love it - what more can one say, it totally sums up my life!  Thank you Elsie!
I have wanted to update my Blog for a while but somehow life has just got in the way, but this morning is all peaceful and quiet so I am able to show you what I have been doing.
First of all here are some cross-stitch finishes - we are fast running out of wall space!
I love the long shape of this one and it fits perfectly under the window.
I also just love samplers with houses, and this one was just gorgeous to sew and the end result is very pleasing.  I also love alphabets, and of course Noah's Ark!:  here is a little one I have just finished which will be added to my collection after framing:
I have been busy with my patchwork too:  two baby quilts and a fun small lap quilt:
This one is double sided:  Fran asked me to make this for one of her friends whose baby is due soon - I just love making baby quilts, they are extra special:
And this one is for Freddie who was born in February - running late again, but Mother and Son just love it which is all that matters!
It was my birthday last month and some friends who live in Surrey sent me a box of wonderful different delicious cheeses - such a thoughtful treat:  so I have just finished making this little quilt for them - I saw this fantastic fabric at Cowslip, it has cows and milk churns and CHEESE on it:  what could be better!  Their kindness deserves a kindness:  thanks Tim and Helen - hope you will like!
On my birthday my dear friend Lyn took me to Buckland Abbey, a NT property only about 5 miles from us here:  it was a glorious hot and sunny day:
They have a wonderful old Cider Press in the huge barn: 
And we have had some visitors too which is always fun: friends from Sussex were down in Cornwall fishing, and came over for a day with us:  here is Tori with a lap quilt I made especially for her:
 Michelle Tino and Siena have been over from Australia and they spent the Jubilee Weekend with us:  here they are with one of my quilts which is now winging its way to a new home with them! 
Three weeks ago the weather was glorious - the clematis, which grows over an old school bell which hangs in an archway, and the wisteria were just magnificent:

Now sadly the weather is not good, but the monkey puzzle tree is growing faster than ever, it must like the rain:
Work in progress in an applique Noah's Ark quilt (surprise surprise) so I am now off to the studio to continue with some more animals - it is Big Fun!
Will keep you updated as to my progress!


  1. Angie - Glad you found the chart for the Noah's Sampler - your finishes all look great!

  2. Thanks so much for your help Beth: I really like the sampler on the cover of the chart book - will sew it and adapt it for our cottage here by the river! Thanks for your nice comments!