Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunny Sewing Sunday

Today it has not rained:  but despite the sun shining I have been sewing away in my studio.  I am so enjoying my latest project:  I am on the last lap and I think it will look just lovely!:
The cross-stitch panel in the middle gives it a lovely soft country feel and I am loving the soft pinks and blues..
I am also getting on well with my latest cross-stitch (Needle & Thread - Sampler of the Season:  Spring) - I started this in Nottingham last week whilst visiting my Mum: so I am pleased with the progress, it is going to be about 15 ins square:
To the right of the house there is a washing line of patchwork quilts, cannot wait to sew those!
Mum was fine, no worse (or better) than on my last visit, which is fine - she struggles to walk but uses her zimmer frame.  At 92 years old "every day is a blessing - every meal a feast" - especially when I am there to cook for her!  We had a lovely few days together.
I have finished another baby quilt for one of Fran's friends - she liked the previous one so much - which is great - that she asked me to do one for a little girl born last November:  hence I chose Flower Fairies!:
Fingers crossed that this one hits the mark too.
After days of cold wet windy weather, today has been dry and this evening the sun made an appearance.  There was even the tourist boat on the River - it goes from Plymouth to Calstock where it stops by the pub:  we can often hear everyone singing on their way back home, all very jolly:
The roses are beginning to flower, and look lovely - they are all ones with an old fashioned smell:
I picked a few, and added some herbs and put them in a vase in our living room:  every time I walk through there is the most delicious smell!
I am off up to Cobham in Surrey on Thursday for a few days staying with my very special friend Lise, she has just come out of hospital having had her hip replacement fixed - for the 3rd time.  I am the designated Nurse:  which mainly involves organising visitors for Happy Hour!  Hopefully youngest daughter Dot will come and visit us, and maybe my son Robbie too - Fran will be in Paris and then goes onto New York, so sadly won't see her this time but I am hoping to catch up with a few friends too, so all in all a fun few days ahead.
I have seen some wonderful photos that my blogging friends have put up recently of the wild life in their gardens:  we love feeding the birds here, there are so many wonderful species that visit us - but at dusk, and sometimes really early in the morning the bird-feeder has an unexpected visitor:
A little field mouse enjoying his supper!  He must think he's the luckiest mouse in Devon!
I will blog again when I return from Surrey - I hope you all have a good week.


  1. Your quilts are just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your very interesting photos! My roses are just getting going too. I think we have some weather similarities(Pacific NW).

  2. Gorgeous quilts and stitching.

    I love your garden and the view of the river. That little mouse is the sweetest!

  3. Your stitching is looking great and the quilt is simply to die for! Absolutely gorgeous and what a wonderful gift.

    Love the picture of the little field mouse. Bet he was really having a grand time!

  4. Your quilts look lovely. I'm glad that you had a nice time with your Mum. Jx

  5. I love your gorgeous quilts and the little mouse is adorable! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog!

  6. Thanks Angie, it's been fun to catch up on a bit of sewing again - it's certainly filled some of the endless hours in front of daytime TV!!

    I love your quilt - it's beautiful. There's so much work in it - look forward to seeing it completed.

    Julia xxx

  7. Hi Angie, Oh I live you quilt, it is beautiful. I am sure that it will take pride of place when you finish it. So much work in it. Your garden looks lovely as well. Devon is such a pretty part of England. I have been there a couple of times.

    Thank you for stopping by on my blog and your lovely comments re my Ann Cottee. It is such a lovely sampler and I enjoyed working on it. Yes, I seem to have a "thing" for Scarlet Letter samplers. I have done a few of them and still have a few of them that I want to do. Your Mary Ann Healey is a really lovely sampler and it is a shame that you had to sell her, but sometimes things happen which can't be helped. You'll have to the kit. - Sandra.