Sunday, 15 April 2012

Inspiration with Lynette Anderson, and more!

Well, I have just spent over an hour updating my Blog and somehow just lost it all - what did I do wrong - that is so annoying!  Well here we go again - Take 2!
I realised this weekend that it is a month since I have updated, so apologies all round and hopefully I can show you some bits of inspiration.
Inspiration was in abundance last night at Cowslip Workshops:  Lynette Anderson is over from Australia and has spent this weekend teaching at Cowslip, and last night she held a "Show and Tell" and a slide show.  What a lovely lady:  very bubbly and full of life and so interesting: here she is holding her wonderful "Pond House" quilt:
and here is one of her beautiful Scandinavian Christmas quilts, along with some smaller pieces, bags slippers and a display of her amazing buttons:
Cowslip as I have mentioned before is a place of quilting treasures, and last night was no exception.
Jo Colwill provided a wonderful setting for us quilting addicts to enjoy some great quilts.

I have been hanging some of my latest Noah's Ark cross-stitch pictures, and I am getting quite a collection:
I have just collected a small Birth sampler for Otto, who lives in Australia so this will be winging its way across the world next week wrapped in much bubblewrap!:
I have shown you this before, but this is Otto's quilt which I hear is a big hit!

Dot (youngest daughter) came down to Devon for the Easter weekend and we had such a good time - lots of fun and a great day out in St.Ives on Good Friday.  We set off early and it was a glorious day - we sat by the sea eating fresh crab sandwiches and local ice cream, and then had some culture - we visited the Barbara Hepworth House and Garden which is owned by the Tate Gallery.  This has been preserved since her death and the garden is full of her amazing sculptures. 

At the end of March I spent a few days up in Cobham with my dear friend Lise, and we caught up on each other's projects and with friends:  here is Lise (standing), and her Irish Setter Storm with a good friend Maureen who came down to see us from London, and Lynn:
My three children drove out from London on the Saturday and we spent a wonderful afternoon at Claremont Gardens, a NT beauty spot just outside Esher. It was during that early heatwave and we had such a lovely afternoon feeding the ducks etc.!

And I also managed to meet William who was born in  January:  on my previous post I showed you the Noah's Ark sampler I had made him:  here we are having a cuddle and him enjoying his quilt:
I am curently cross-stitching a great design by Jardin Prive called "Sampler aux Bouquets I, II and III" - it is lovely - each design can be an individual sampler, or they can be sewn as one long one - which is what I am doing:  it is looking gorgeous and will be over with the framer next week!:
So, there is my update:  all I need now is to tidy my Studio (yet again) and start a new quilting project - which after last evening's view of Lynette's quilts is something I am really looking foward to doing.
Happy creative stitching!


  1. Love all the quilty pictures!! That happened to me with my post once also, and try this:

    Click on Design
    Click on the Posting tab
    Click on the Edit Posts tab

    It should still be there, then just click on it and you should be able to finish it, and publish it. I think blogger automatically saves our posts as we are writing them every few seconds, I only figured this out after having the same thing happen to me! Hope it works for you. :o)


  2. Thanks Kelli: will make a note of this in case it happens again!

  3. Angie - This is Beth from Garden Grumbles. You are set up as a no-reply in Blogger - so I could not answer your comment directly via email. Anyway the Noah chart is called "A Sampling of Tradition" by Leisure Arts with a note on the cover The Best of 'From the Love of Cross Stitch'. I bought it on line from 123
    Hope this helps. Beth