Monday, 9 January 2012

Noah's Ark

As some of my friends know well, I have a love of all things "Noah's Ark"!  I just love the story - the concept of two of all God's creatures entering the Ark and being saved from the flood - it is a wonderful biblical story.  Around my home there are many little Noah's Ark gems which I will share with you.
This is a beautiful hand made Noah's Ark which I bought in the "The Old Country Store" in Intercourse, PA, USA, real Amish country.  I also purchased this gameboard on the same trip from the Quilt Museum shop in Lancaster, PA.  I went on this wonderful holiday 3 years ago with my two closest friends - Lise and Lyn - run by JJN Amish tours (the best quilting tours ever I think!) - we stayed in Lancaster, toured around the many lovely villages where the Amish live, we even had dinner with an Amish family, saw many quilts and bought many yards and yards of fabric!  I took an empty suitcase and filled it till I could only just lift it!  Worth every penny!
My dear friend Lyn made me this wonderful Noah's Ark cushion .....
Many years ago I cross-stitched this gorgeous Noah's Ark sampler.........
Between Christmas and New Year Dot (youngest daughter) and I were inspired to rearrange the bookcase in the snug - we were on a mission to make it more interesting - and tidy!  We decided to put some of my Noah's Ark treasures amongst the books - this was inspired by the addition of some gorgeous folk-art bookends (a truely inspired Christmas gift from my dearest friend Lise) - showing the Ark and animals, which you should be able to see in the middle of the middle shelf!

I love using Noah's Ark fabric in children's quilts too.
I have several Noah's Ark patterns that I want to cross-stitch this year, so watch this space!  I will keep you updated on my progress.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I love all of your Noah's Ark pieces! My first love is Adam and Eve, but I'd love to do a Noah's Ark collection at some point, too. So far I (just) have a Noah's Ark redware plate by Ginger Cazan. I'm contemplating stitching The Flood by Plum Street Samplers--I love her designs!

  2. I love your Noah's Ark pieces. I made a Noah's Ark quilt quite some time ago. I have a friend who used to collect Noah's Ark items. Not as nice as what you show though.