Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Just another day in the Tamar Valley.

It is a beautiful day in Devon - it started off misty, and we could only just see the River Tamar at the bottom of the garden:
But as the day has gone on, it has just got better and better:
The Tamar Valley is so beautiful and is looking at it's best today.  It feels as if Spring is just around the corner.

I have just posted a baby quilt off to little William, who was born on Monday morning to a very special couple - new babies are such a joy to make for:
It has a lovely Winnie the Pooh backing, so hope he will love and enjoy kicking his little feet on this one!
I have also contined with my major tidy up of "Ward Cottage":  another reorganised bookcase, and the kitchen dresser is looking good too.  My favourite cookery books got sorted - so Mary, Delia and Jamie - along with Susan Branch - are all neat and tidy and easy to get to!  What would I do without Mary Berry in my kitchen - she is the Aga Queen.  She taught me to cook -  I just love her.

The sun is shining into my studio, making it very warm and inviting, so I am now off to give it a major make-over, and then I will start on another baby quilt, this is for Ida who was born just before Christmas.  I bought this gorgeous fun fabric at the Festival of Quilts last summer - and cannot wait to get started.  My first start of 2012 -  I am a bit late with this one - so hope Ida will forgive me!
So a new blade in the Rotary cutter, a new needle in my Bernina - and away I go!


  1. Lovely scenery pictures! The quilt is lovely--I'm sure little William will enjoy being snuggled in it!

    Nice tidy up--we're doing the same here. UGH! But it feels good to get it done.

  2. So nice those quilts!
    And now I want to see the new one!

  3. Oh your quilts are just beautiful!! Your studio must be bliss to sit in with that view! the views of The Tamar Valley are breathtaking.
    Yes we should give Mary Berry a star lol.

  4. Hi Angie,

    Thank you so much for your very kind comments - I will miss blogging, but I think it's the right choice for me at the moment. And, yes, I am still a fan of Vero's - I only wish I could produce the things she does - she is so talented!!

    I love your quilt for baby William - won't he be lovely and snuggly underneath it?!!

    Take care Angie and keep in touch.

    Love Julia xx

  5. Wow, what a beautiful studio space. The light looks incredible. I'm sure you will make many awesome quilts there.