Monday, 30 January 2012

A busy two weeks

Two weeks ago I needed a boost, so I drove over to "Cowslip Workshops" just outside Launceston in Cornwall and spent a peaceful afternoon catching up with my dear friend Jo Colwill who runs this idyllic patchwork haven.  Some of you will have seen Jo on Channel 4 when she helped Kirsty Allsopp with her patchwork on the recent TV series.  "Cowslip" is just one of those wonderful places where you can forget all your troubles and just revel in fabric and inspiration!

This is the view of Launceston castle from Cowslip - if ever you are down in West Devon or Cornwall this is a "must visit" place for all patchwork lovers.  And there is the added bonus of superb food in their organic cafe.

I have finished Ida's quilt using lovely bright flannels - Carole at Butterfly Quilters long-arm quilted it for me, and I found a fun alphabet panel for the backing.  It looked great and I gather it has "hit the mark" with Ida.  I even managed to get her name down the middle - "Ida" is so easy to insert being just three letters!

Little Ida will be flying off to New Zealand next month to meet her Grandparents, so I have just finished a very little cotton quilt which I hope her Mum and Dad will find useful whilst travelling - although the flannel quilt is lovely, it is too big and bulky for long distance travel so I am hoping that they will find this little treasure fits in and around their luggage and daughter a treat and becomes invaluable.  Name in the middle again!
This past week I have been in Cobham, Surrey staying with my dearest friend Lise - she had to have her 5 year old hip replacement replaced again - one of those faulty ones we have been reading about - so I have been her Chief Nurse!  We have had such fun - much reminiscing, entertaining all her visitors, coffee and cakes and wine, etc. etc. - I left her walking so much better and hardly needing her stick at all.  She is just one of those extra special friends that mean the world, true gold - she taught me patchwork 31 years ago, then cross-stitch - so she is my "teacher"!  She is so proud of all my creations now.   I sewed her this sampler many years ago which says it all: 
Now I am back home - it is cold and wet and bleak and there is snow on Dartmoor!  So - we are off down the pub for a pint of cider!  Meanwhile the roses are still blooming in the garden even in January - what a strange world we are living in!
Thank you for reading - I love your comments, so keep them coming!


  1. Beautiful quilts! It looks so idyllic there--thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. What a lovely post. If I get the chance I will be visiting Cowslips. How very nice of you to look after your friend at her time of need. The sampler you stitched for her is beautiful as are the quilts in your photos.

    Our gardens in the South West are very confused I hope Jack Frost stays away as we have so many flowers blooming and budding early.

  3. That's a place I'd love to visit one day!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. A day quilting with friends is always a special day ;-)

  4. It is a place I am sure you would love David - country inspirational patchwork at it's best!