Thursday, 28 March 2013

Patchwork heaven....

As the weather has been so cold and miserable down here in Devon, it was decided that a day out would cheer us up so my good friend Lyn and I headed off into Cornwall and as luck would have it the sky was a pale blue and the sun was actually shining - a rare occurrence lately!  I wanted to see Cowslip at Easter, always a delight at any time of year but with the daffodils out and some yellow winter jasmine it looked particularly welcoming.
And the shop was full as always of wonderful fabrics and much inspiration: here is Lyn admiring this beautiful quilt:
Every corner is stuffed with quilts - I want to make them all!:
There was a wonderful Exhibition on in the barn with work by Sue Spooner and Helen Keenan:
We then drove on to Kilkhampton as Carole of Butterfly Quilters had worked express magic and managed to long-arm quilt my 5 baby quilts plus a double bed quilt in record time:  she is such a star, and here she is beside her wonderful quilting frame with my pile of "done" goodies!:
Of course I have been cross-stitching away every evening too, and have just finished another Scarlet Letter sampler - I have made it very personal by adding all our family initials, and it is sewn on a larger count of fabric than SL suggest, but it is sweet and once framed will find a home somewhere here at Ward Cottage as it is not as large as some of my recent samplers:
My followers will recall that we were off to my God-daughter's wedding last Saturday:  oh it was so so cold and bleak, such a shame - but it was a wonderful occasion and a good time was had by all once we had warmed up at the reception:  Annie looked beautiful and it was a day to remember:  here she is with her younger sister Lucy:
and with new husband Barney cutting the cake:
So now I have bindings to sew onto those quilts - that should keep me quiet over the Easter weekend. We are off to a party to celebrate Lyn and Bob's 40th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, but apart from that a quiet few days so I hope to get the opportunity to sew plenty of patchwork and cross-stitch.
Happy Easter to all my followers - and let's hope that British Summertime brings us some warmer weather SOON - I am so tired of the cold and rain and grey skies, seeing a bit of blue sky and sun today, even for just a sort while, made such a difference.


  1. Sounds like a really fun day! Love your sampler. I hope we get some warm weather her in Michigan soon, too! I need some sunshine!

  2. The quilt store trip sounds divine! Love your sampler finish too. The wedding looks great despite the weather. We are hoping for spring to come here too. It might be warming up, I hope!

  3. What a beautiful wedding!
    I love your sweet sampler finish too.
    Looks like great quilting shops!
    Happy Easter :)

  4. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for your comment on my rabbit. I love the look of this shop you've been to - just as well I'm too far away I think, otherwise I could see myself parting with lots of money!!