Monday, 18 March 2013

Getting ready for Easter....

I have been busy these past two weeks sewing Easter runners - I love these, they are a Danish design on a big count, so they grow quickly and are easy to sew - and I think the end result is effective and just right for this time of year.  And it is fun to sew something light-hearted and different.
I have hung some Eggs from the kitchen light, and put a fun bright cloth on the table.  So whatever the weather outside is doing we have the beginnings of Spring in our kitchen:
I have been on a "quilts for new babies" run:  so carrying on from the two I have showed you on recent posts  I have now made 4 more:
 Now all the new babies (that I know about) are catered for - so once they are quilted they will be off to their new nurseries!

I took my Scarlet Letter "Log Cabin" to be framed, and collected the wedding sampler which is for my God-daughter Annie who is marrying Barnaby this coming Saturday:  I hope the weather warms up for them:
 I am really pleased with this - I took little bits from several different patterns and it has ended up so pretty.  All I have to do now is make them a wedding quilt...!

I am continuing with Nicola's wonderful SL Challenge, and sewing a small alphabet sampler:  the pattern states it should be sewn "over 1" on 40 count linen:  well sadly my eyes, fingers and brain cannot deal with that, so I am afraid I am cheating:  I am sewing "over 2" on 35 count linen!  I am a great believer in that there is no point in struggling and not enjoying the project ... that is my argument and I am sticking to it!  It will still be lovely.

My youngest daughter Dot and her friend Holly are driving down from London tonight to spend 3 days with us, I am so excited!  So now I am off to banish the spiders from their bedrooms and make the house neat and tidy - and warm.

Thank you all for your lovely comments of encouragement.


  1. Love all your preps for Easter! Nice quilts too -- good that all the babies are accounted for. Beautiful wedding sampler -- love the frame. Nice new SL start too! Have fun with your DD and her friend!

  2. Fabulous update! I love the table runners. That wedding sampler is so lovely too.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!