Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumn sewings

Where the last three weeks have gone is a mystery - I seem to have been constantly on the move with not a huge amount of time for patchwork sadly, but have managed lots of cross-stitch.  The days are getting shorter and colder, Autumn is definitely here.  Time for log fires and home-made soups!  Plus I do need to get out into the garden for a winter shutdown - but the weather has been so wet - again.  Excuses, excuses.........!  I would much rather sew!
I am currently busily cross-stitching Christmas stockings:
Here are the first 2 of the 10 that I need to sew - then there is the fiddly part of making them into an actual stocking with a cuff etc. - all good fun, and I hope an heirloom of the future.
I have been back at Cowslip Workshops for my Monday Applique class, and Jo loved her sewing:  here it is hung in the work shop by the door so everyone admires it as they go in and out!
The workshop is just full of delights - including on the right the Bronze Medal quilt from the FOQ:
There are quilts hanging off the beams and inspirational patchwork books everywhere, it is such a wonderful room to work in:
I shall be out at Cowslip for an extra two day treat this coming week as the wonderful Mary Berry will be there demonstrating her cooking ideas on the Aga.  I first met Mary about 20 years ago when I used to go to her home for Aga cooking demonstrations.  She taught me to cook and she is a Hero is my kitchen.  When Jo installed an Aga into the Cowslip Cafe she contacted Mary, and over the past few years Mary has come down annually for a cooking delight.  I go along each time and help her with her Sales Table - her books and some wonderful pans etc. - we have big fun, a big catch up and I just look forward to this time so much.  I shall be able to tell you all about it next weekend.  Of course we will all be wanting to know who won the Great British Bake off this year, but I am sure Mary's lips will be tightly sealed!!  Only 2 more programs to go - such a great show.

I collected from Carole at Butterfly Quilters my two baby quilts which she long-arm quilted for me with stars and swirls - one has now arrived in Holland for Tom, and the family I heard this morning are just thrilled - it is very bright and full of fun:
I chose the most gorgeous Noah's Ark fabric for the backing:
and here is little Tom waving on his quilt - he looks so gorgeous!

 The other quilt is still winging it's way to Australia for Sofia:
Last weekend we drove up to London to help son Robbie move out of one flat and into another, and we took some bits up for youngest daughter Dot.  It was a gloriously sunny Saturday, this is Stonehenge which we passed looking as impressive as ever:
And this was Buckingham Palace early Saturday evening:
We stayed with our New Zealand friends who have a flat in London, and here is Nina's quilt which I made for a Special Birthday:  so lovely to see it being used, I worry that sometimes all my hard work ends up stuffed in a cupboard! - but not this one!!:
On Sunday morning before we drove back to Devon we went and visited Nina's daughter Emma and we met the beautiful Ida: so at last I was able to give Ida her Noah's Ark picture -here is Emma with Nina and Ida admiring the cross-stitch:

And here is Ida playing on her quilt:
Well I shall finish as I started with a Xmas Stocking - I am just having a go at making this one into a stocking for William:  three sewn - seven to go!:
I hope everyone has a good productive week - thanks for popping by my Blog, and thanks to all those who leave encouraging comments!



  1. You must sew SO quickly. I'm in awe of your work rate!!! Jx

  2. Everything featured in your post is beautiful.

    Mary Berry is one of my heroines

  3. Phew Angie! You have been most productive and I shall keep a lookout for your lovely sampler next time I am at Jo's.