Saturday, 1 September 2012

September in the West Country

First of all I would like to say Welcome to my new followers, and thank you to those who have left comments.  Always so encouraging....
I really want to mention that Goosey Quilters are having an Exhibition in Tavistock Town Hall from the 6-8th September, and if ANY of you are down in the West Country next week it will be well worth a visit: these two quilts have been made by one of the GQ members and are being raffled for Asthma UK and the Tavistock Triangle Centre, they are gorgeous:
The one above has been quilted by Sandy Chandler - she quilted the Cowslip Team Quilt which was shown at the FOQ - the other one has been hand quilted.  I shall be buying lots of tickets!  If any of you are able to visit do leave me a comment as we could meet up there for a coffee.  Although I am not a member of Goosey Quilters I know many who are, and always support them in all they do.
My friend Lyn is much involved with organising the Exhibition: here she is with a gorgeous cross-stich cushion she has just made for her sister-in-law:
I have been cross-stitching away at my "Mystery Sampler project" and have almost fnished Part 2:  it is great fun, I am looking forward to Part 3 which should be arriving in a week's time:
I am busy making three baby quilts - my Studio has childrens fabric EVERYWHERE!
And then I shall decide what to make with this gorgous old-fashoned fabric which I bought at the show:

I had a real problem with my email account on Thursday evening - after trying several times to email my daughter regarding a possible meet up I kept being told the email could not be sent because of it's sensitive content - what? lunch with Fran sensitive?  Ridiculous - then suddenly the email went - then they closed my Hotmail account down!!  Absolute nightmare - complicated forms to fill in, time and again - trying to prove I am me - what is wrong with these people?  Eventually with my son Robbie's help I got it sorted and now - fingers crossed microsoft have decided I am ME!  Strangely I have seen on another Blog I follow that someone else had a similar problem at about the same time - who knows what goes on.... fingers crossed it all stays up and running now.

That aside and despite the dreadful weather I have had a good week - but am missing Robbie and Nisha after their visit:  I love living down in Devon but do miss more regular contact with my 3 children as they are all in London, and have such busy lives.  I feel quite bereft when they leave ....
Here they are just before we left for Plymouth Train Station .....
This morning in the mail I received the latest copy of Simply Vintage:  so I shall settle down later - beside the fire and enjoy, even though I do not speak French I can manage to understand most of it - it is a fun challenge!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. The quilts are beautiful. I love your mystery sampler!

  2. I love those quilts, but I especially love your Mystery Sampler. It's very pretty. And love the fabric too - those will make a wonderful quilt!

  3. Fab quilts - I live in Tavistock so will endevour to come and see them all :)

  4. Wow, you look sooooo busy over here!! Love the cross stitch, I used to do a bunch of stitching and stay up to alllll hours of the night doing it! I would say "just one more row and I'll go to bed"....HA!!

    1. I sometimes stay up late sewing, just like you - I'll just finish this strand! But sadly this is when I make mistakes, too tired I guess, and then I spend the next evening unpicking - so so annoying!

  5. Thank you for your good wishes and for dropping by my blog. I love the cross stitching and your beautiful vintage style fabrics! Ros x