Thursday, 16 August 2012

FOQ - here I come!

Hello everyone:  this is just a quick blog to say I am off up to Birmingham for the Festival of Quilts later today -  2 days of pure inspiration and fun, and lots of tempting fabric!
I shall take many photos to share with you so will Blog again next week on my return.

My current cross-stitch WIP is the "Stitch Me Club 2012" sampler  - - it is such fun.  Part 2 arrived a few days ago and I have saved this to sew when I am in Nottingham with my Mum for a few days after the FOQ.  This is how it is looking so far - I am sewing on 32 count over 2 - the colours of the variagated threads are just lovely: 

I would just like to say how much I appreciate the comments that are left on my Blog - and a big Hello to new followers!
What a wonderful hobby we all have in common!


  1. This is looking great! So far the design is fabulous. Beautiful stitching too.

  2. Hello Angie, your sampler looks wonderful! Have a great time at the Festival of Quilts :-) It is very nice to see so many stitching the same project.

  3. Have a wonderful time at the Festival of Quilts! I love that sampler -- I may have to break down and get this one!

  4. I love your sampler, Angie! I, like Margaret, am going to have to get this. I hope it's not too late. Have fun at the FOQ - can't wait to see lots of pics!

  5. Your new start looks great. I do like that sampler! Have fun at the Festival of Quilts!

  6. Angie, enjoy the Festival of Quilts ! I would love to go !!!
    Your first part is looking great. I guess you are going to love the second part as much :-)

  7. Hi Angie, glad I hot footed it over here. I can see we have a lot to talk about and share. Here is to the start of a new friendship. Shirley.x