Monday, 27 January 2014

Better late than never.....!

I suddenly realised it has been 2 months since I updated my Blog - what is wrong with me??!!  My intention is to update at least every 2 weeks, not every 2 months!  Oh well - Christmas came and went and was fun and now January is nearly over!
Here is just a quick resume to bring you up to date:  this also helps me to remember what I have made, and when!
I cross stitched these:

I made this Christmas quilt for Otto and his family:
And I made this little quilt for baby Sarah is Holland - my cousin Margi's grand-daughter.  This was also a big hit.
I had a wonderful time at my God-daughter's wedding in December - here is a photo of Maggie and Finn cutting their layered cheese wedding cake!:
As always Father Christmas called in for a cuddle on Christmas Eve:  here he is with Dot and Maarten:
Now I am up-to-date!
I am planning all that I need to make this year:  so far there are two 60th  birthday quilts for close girlfriends, three baby quilts and samplers, and anything else I can sew in the meantime!
I am enjoying cross-stitching this baby alphabet afghan throw:  fun and bright:
and also this beautiful Danish pattern of Noah's Ark:
Those who follow my Blog will know of my love of Noah's Ark samplers -this one is going to be for an extra special young person - if I can bare to part with it!!
And I continue sewing the wonderful Saxony - such a contrast - different is good!:  I absolutely love it:
I was over at the inspirational Cowslip Workshops last week - the fabrics Jo has in stock at the moment are truly glorious and I just HAD to bring these home with me:  some of these blue and cream fabrics will be going into one of the 60th birthday quilts:
Well, it continues to rain rain and rain some more - how lucky we are to be high above the River - The Tamar looks dark and ominous today:
Rodney has been busy indoors:  he put up this wonderful solid oak mantle shelf above the wood-burner just before Christmas - it was so so heavy:  but certainly worth all the effort.  I have wanted one of these for 16 years - so not too long a wait!
I loved choosing which  family photos to put on it, plus the beautiful Anniversaries of the Heart heirloom sampler from Blackbird Designs now has pride of place.  The shelf looks as if it has always been there - which is good.

Well - I hereby state my intention of updating AT LEAST every two weeks!  Thank you popping by and seeing how my life in the Tamar Valley has been progressing - here's to a wonderful fun filled 2014 for us all.


  1. Angie , Good to hear from you once again. Lovely mantel and AofH is worthy of pride of place. Stay dry!

  2. What a great post! OMG, I love the mantel and your AotH piece!!! Wow! Love seeing everything else as well! I'm glad you are high up -- the flooding sounds horrendous. :(

  3. Great update Angie! You have been busy! I love the Saxony sampler and your Anniversaries of the Heart is just fabulous!!

  4. Hi Angie, Love seeing all you are working on. Looks like you had lovely holidays and what a sweet photo of the happy couple, love the colors he wore so different from the usual tux. Your Anniversaries of the Heart is stunning!!! and looks perfect on that mantle. Just curious of the pic of the river, it looks like there is a roof on the ground? an underground hideaway maybe? :) Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Angie .... I always think that if I were a sewing person rather than a potting person, I would sew like you, using the colours, patterns and fabrics you choose. I just love all the things you are working on. xCathy