Friday, 2 August 2013

My Family, Special Friends and a Finished Quilt

I found it difficult to sew patchwork or to cross-stitch whilst it was so hot -  but now it is cooler again I have been slowly sewing the binding onto this blue and white quilt - 90 ins square - so I did one side per evening:
This is for Grace, she is from New Zealand but is currently living in Paris - so this may travel many miles!
I am currently cross-stiching a beautiful Stacey Nash design:  this is so lovely and though it says "Merry Christmas" I decided not to add  that, so have slightly downsized it so that I can enjoy it 12 months of the year.  I have substituted with  variegated threads where I can as I love that soft look and have personalised it with my name and our house name:
Two weeks ago I went up to London and spent time with a special girlfriend, and my family.  I had such a great time, as you can see:
On Saturday Nina took me to Kensington Palace:  the gardens were so beautiful:

and then on to my favourite London store "Liberty's" for tea and cake:
here is my dear friend Nina admiring the beautiful flowers at the store entrance:
their displays are so colourful - this shows the Scarf Department:
In the evening we had a Thai dinner and then as yet another surprise we went to see the Noel Coward play "Private Lives" - I had such a wonderful day.  Everything was such a treat!  I made Nina this wee cushion as a reminder of our lifetime friendship:
Then the next morning I met up with my three children and their partners so that we could celebrate youngest daughter's 30th birthday:  here is Dot peeping over the top of a picture I cross-stitched for her:
and  here I am with "my girls": are my precious three:  Dot, Robbie and Fran:
.......and with their partners:
Nisha and Robbie:  Fran and Angelo:  Maarten and Dot.  We had such a happy day.
On Monday I went to Cobham:  and here is Lise with her birthday gift:
About 33 years ago Lise introduced me to patchwork - and then cross-stitch.  And I never looked back!  So this quilt made a great gift for her as I used sampler fabrics:  a celebration of all she has taught me. She is just such a dear and amazing friend.

And next week it is the Festival of Quilts!  I am very excited....!
I am off up to Nottingham first to spend some time with my Mother, and then 2 days at the NEC before returning to Devon.  The FOQ is always an amazing showcase of talent and inspiration which I hope to be able to share with you on my return.
As always I hope all is good with all my Followers - and thank you for sparing the time to read my ramblings!  Have a great weekend.


  1. What a wonderful post! So full of family and friends and visits, and beautiful quilts and stitching too! Enjoy the Festival of Quilts!

  2. Super post, a lovely quilt, one of my favorite charts by Stacy Nash , and wonderful family pictures!

  3. You must be SO proud of your family. I'm glad that you had a great time on your travels. Jx

  4. Oh, your quilts are so beautiful and your embroidery too. Nice to see all your family and the lovely gifts you make for them, which I am sure they will treasure forever. Not going to Quilt Fest this year, so relying on your photos! Have fun. xCathy