Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sunny Sewing on the Porch

This wonderful weather just keeps on coming:  yesterday it was 31 degrees on our porch.  I am so pleased that I made some new cushion covers for the seating before this heatwave began:
This is where I spend my afternoons in this glorious weather, with a cup of iced tea, my cross-stitch and Ben!:
I am working on Scarlet Letter's Country Life:  this is a very long narrow sampler. I have completed the three border rows but there is so much more to do:  it will take me months!:  I wanted something different to sew after beginning the border so have started the church, it will be fabulous - eventually!:
I have as always been sewing other things as well as this, and will show you on my next post when I have collected from the framers.
I delivered the wedding quilt to Annie and Barney, and they loved it!

In this hot weather I think we all eat different foods:  one of our favourite dishes to share with family and friends is:             "7 Layer Dip".   A girlfriend back in Surrey gave me this receipe over 20 years ago, and we have loved it ever since!

"7 Layer Dip"
You just layer up - starting at the bottom:
refried beans  :  salsa  :  guacamole  :  sour cream  :  grated cheese  :  chopped lettuce  :  spring onions
and then dip into this with chunky crisps, or sliced pitta breads - whatever takes your fancy!
Try - and enjoy!
Well the porch and my cross-stitching are in need of company so off I go.
I hope everyone is happy in the sunshine - just like me!


  1. Love your porch! Great place to sit and enjoy the weather! That dip looks delicious too! Your Country LIfe is going well -- another one I want to stitch someday.

  2. Your porch looks so welcoming!

  3. Lovely cushions! Looks like you have a wonderful place to sit and stitch! Would love to stitch Country Life someday. :) And that dip sounds tasty.

  4. The wedding quilt is beautiful--what a treasure. Thanks for sharing the recipe--will give it a try