Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Noah's Ark sailed home up The Tamar .....

I was so thrilled to collect my framed Noah's Ark this morning:  it is such a lovely pattern from Brenda Keyes at The Sampler Company:
And this sits well along with my other Noah's Ark samplers in our small sitting room:
I have two more patterns from this company to sew:  The Red House and A Sampler Story.  I am currently sewing another 60th birthday gift which you will be able to see before long, and of course I am just longing to start another Scarlet Letter sampler for Nicola's Challenge - The Country Life sits looking at me every evening - not long now!.
I thought I would show you a sampler off the above wall which I completed back in 1988!:  the original is - or certainly was back then - in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
And this one is also quite fun:  I bordered the sampler with fabric which made a great change:
It is a glorious sunny warm Tuesday down here in Devon:  I have planted up my pots, they are full of geraniums etc., I have tidied up the rose bed and inbetween all this I have been watching the French Open Tennis, and how exciting has that been - OMG - Roger Federer has just been beaten!  I shall go now and pour myself a glass of Pinot Rose and sit on the porch and admire the beautiful surroundings and recover from that shock!!.

Thanks again for all your comments - I hope it is a good week for you all.


  1. Very nice - I'm a huge fan of Noah's Ark as a stitching motif. Well done!

  2. What a lovely display of themed samplers! Jx

  3. Hi Angie--I just love your walls of samplers--they all are wonderful! Hugs, Julierose

  4. I love your Noah's Ark framing and all your Noah's Arks. What a great collection! Love your other samplers too. Federer -- pretty sad, huh? But Tsonga played so well today. I do think Federer is starting to feel his age.

  5. Love all your samplers... that's a beautiful corner with all of them displayed! Love the quilt on the couch too.

  6. Wow! What a great collection of samplers! Thanks for sharing them :)

  7. I love a lot your Noah's ark wall :)
    this thema is one of my favorite with Eden Garden and I have designed one :)

  8. Oh yes, it looks gorgeous, your Noah's Ark in this frame. I love Brenda Keyes' designs very much but haven't stitched on so far but have several of her in my stash. But I have to keep something for the future, lol.
    Great, your sampler wall.

  9. My one and only (unfinished!) attempt at a sampler is still in a bag at the back of the airing cupboard! You put me to shame. Horses for courses I suppose! Yours are wonderful. I shall now go and sit in my garden and dream of having a 'porch' like yours! Have a nice week. xCathy.

  10. You've really done some beautiful stitching!

  11. I love the large Noah's Ark in the center over the couch. Whose pattern is this?

    1. Hi Joan: The large Noah's Ark above the coach is a "Words of Praise" pattern which I had over 30 years ago.
      Let me know if you would like me to lend you the pattern.