Saturday, 18 May 2013

Happiness is............

Happiness is:   a sampler themed lap quilt finished and ready for quilting:

When I was re-organising my Sewing Studio last month I had to empty my fabric cupboard as it needed moving - fabric is heavy!  And I found the kit for this lap quilt hidden at the back of one of the shelves.  I was so pleased, I had totally forgotten that I had ever bought it - and the price was in dollars, so that means it was 5+ years ago now.  it has turned out well - though quite a battle here and there getting the samplers square.  But now it is done it looks great - I love the colours.
Happiness is:  starting a new cross-stitch sampler.  I am sewing along with Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year Challenge, but I really fancied something different:  so another Noah's Ark floated down the River towards me!
This is so much fun, and I am really enjoying sewing this.
Happiness also is:  giving my sister Helena her 60th birthday present, and her really loving it! (this is a  Scarlet Letter Sampler):
and spending some time with my wonderful 93 year old Mum in Nottingham this week:  here is Mum examining the sampler, with Helena:

 Happiness is a beautiful sunny day - with Ward Cottage looking particularly good and welcoming on a Saturday afternoon:
and at last the apple blossom is out:
and our Goldie Ben enjoying the sun on a newly mown lawn:
Happiness is:  a glass of cider on the porch:

overlooking the River Tamar whilst boats enjoy this glorious weather - there have been very few sunny days these past weeks!:
And last but definitely NOT least:  happiness is knowing that all three of my adult children are happy and enjoying their lives in London.  I miss seeing them regularly, but knowing that they are doing what they want where they want gives me peace of mind.  The love just has to stretch further!

I hope you are all having a Weekend full of Happiness!


  1. What a wonderful post!! You have so many things to be happy about and that's just great. I love that quilt! Love your new xs project too -- why didn't I know Brenda Keyes had a Noah sampler? Your sister looks like she loves her present!

  2. Love that quilt of samplers--how appropos! Such a lovely gift for your sister, too. Lots of hours there. I know there are some Easy cross stitcheries out there and have shelved my SL sampler as it is just too difficult! Glad you are having happiness in your life...hugs, Julierose

  3. Love, love, LOVE the samer quilt! If I could find that pattern, I'd be sorely tempted to learn how to quilt! Beautiful finish you gifted your sister and sweet Noah's start, too! Have a lovely day!

  4. Gorgeous quilt, I have all that fabric to and you have inspired me!
    Great family pictures;))

  5. Your post has made me feel really up-lifted. It's easy to get bogged down in things. Love your latest projects too. Jx

  6. OOHHH! Angie! Your sampler quilt is wonderful.
    What a wonderful gift for your sister. So nice that you and your sister and Mum had a celebration together.
    The pics are lovely.
    Have a great week!

  7. A great post. Thinking about what makes me happy is something that I regularly do because I don't want to forget the tiniest little good thing in my life.