Sunday, 24 February 2013

Home again and sewing again....

I have been busy sewing the Scarlet Letter "Log Cabin Sampler" for Nicola's SL challenge - and I am loving it.  Whilst away visiting my Mother for her birthday I managed to complete the border vine - a huge sigh of relief when it all met up as it was supposed to do!:  now I just need to complete the border flowers and the sun and moon either side of the cabin:
I had a good few days up in Nottingham with my dear old Mum, however she is frail and everything seems just a bit too much for her these days.  Here I am with my sister Helena and Mum on her 93rd birthday:
and my youngest daughter Dot drove up from London for the afternoon which was a great surprise:
I think this is a lovely "memory" photo!
Before Nottingham I had a few days in Surrey staying with my dearest friend Lise and I managed to catch up with lots of friends from "the old days" which was great fun: they have all been so supportive and thoughtful and kind especially over the last 18 months or so which has been such a very difficult time for us. I also hit the charity shops in Cobham and did so so well - very exciting to pick up an unworn Jaeger navy pin-stripe trouser suit for.... £25!  Fits like a glove - I am happy happy!!

Apart from sewing for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year, I have also just finished cross-stitching a wedding sampler for my God-daughter Annie who is getting married next month - photo will follow when I have collected from the framer.  I am also patchworking of course - and heavily into baby quilts:  when those are finished I will start Annie's wedding quilt!  My God-daughters are very lucky!!  They each get a wedding sampler AND a quilt!

Whilst Rodney is watching the Rugby this afternoon I shall go and place the squares for another baby quilt and watch a DVD - The Shell Seekers I think, one of my favourites.

Thank you for your comments and welcome to my new followers!


  1. I love your Log Cabin sampler! It's on my wish list now thanks to you. lol! Glad you had a nice visit with your mom. Looking forward to seeing the wedding sampler and wedding quilt.

  2. Log Cabin Sampler is looking great !!! It is a relief when the border does match, isn't it ? LOL !!! Beautiful pictures with your mom. 93 is a very respectful old age, good for her. Treasure your times with her.

  3. You have been really busy again! The sampler looks like its going together well. Jx

  4. I do love that sampler! Wonderful family pictures. You are so lucky to still have your Mom with you.

  5. Your sampler is very pretty, well stitched and counted to get the border connected. Lovely family photo's to treasure. My husband was pleased with the rugby this weekend.

  6. My husband was watching the rugby too so managed to get some good stitching time in. It does have it blessings.

    Loved the family photos.