Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sewing and cooking!

Just before I drive up to Nottingham tomorrow I thought I would write a quick update.  I realised that I have not shown any finished quilts (apart from baby ones) for some time - so here is the quilt I made from the fantastic Debbie Mumm fabric which I purchased at the FOQ last summer - it was a design I had never seen before and I just loved it:  it is warm and cosy as it is flannel and perfect for cold winter nights:
I have found it difficult deciding what to give my Mother for her birthday this year - I sewed her a gorgeous sampler for Christmas:
but this time have chosen a book all about our Queen's 60 years on the throne - lots of pictures and easy for her to pick up and put down!
I have been excited about finding started but unfinished Noah's Ark samplers, and have already completed one of them which can go off to be framed when I return next week:  it is lovely and I had such fun sewing the animals:

Meanwhile we have played much Scrabble by the fire these past days - I am ahead on the scores so far! - and have been enjoying the new issues of Vogue, with some lovely photos taken at Elizabeth Taylor's childhood home which my eldest daughter Fran was involed with, and also the new French magazine Simply Vintage - although my French is poor it is really quite easy to understand the projects - I want to make almost everything, it is just lovely!

 I hope to be able to share some photos of my trip next time, plus I will take some pictures of the quilts I have made for my Mother over the years.  This morning I have made some delicious and nutrious soups to take with me plus some yummy lemon drizzle cake and a fruit cake, I hope these will tempt her small appetite.
Have a good week everyone.................


  1. What a lovely gift for your Mum I think that my Mum would enjoy the book as well. It will be an ideal present for Mothering Sunday.

    Your quilt looks so warm and cosy.

  2. Your quilt looks fabulous, lovely colours!The BBD you stitched for your mum is gorgeous.
    Your woodstove looks so inviting, I love your quilt on the table!!
    Have a good trip to Nottingham:)

  3. So many great things in this post. Your quilt is wonderful and I just love your Noah's Ark sampler - and the one that you're going to do!

  4. Thank you all for such great comments, so much appreciated!

  5. Wow - I love the sampler that you worked for your mother for Christmas. I adore cross stitch but it seems to take me ages to do anything! I hopped over to your blog via 'Circle of the Year' and have become your latest follower. Best Wishes, Jan

  6. What a beautiful sampler you did for your Mom....How long did it take??

  7. Hi there: it didn't take me that long really - probably about 3 weeks. I worked hard at it whilst sitting by the log fire late afternoon and evening! It is a gorgeous pattern and having seen it again this past weekend hung on the wall at my Mother's home I felt very pleased with it! Will be posting some new pics in the next couple of days - thanks so much for your comments.............

  8. the sampler is beautiful something I hope to learn how to do one day.
    I love the quilts under the book photos did you make those too?
    thanks for your comment on my blog