Monday, 8 August 2011

Off to the Festival of Quilts

It's that time of year again - off up to the NEC for 2 days of sheer delight and amazement!  Cannot wait.  So much to see and enjoy - so much inspiration.

In the meantime I thought I would show you four log cabin quilts which I have made in the last 18 months.

These first two were wedding presents - this one for Catherine and Paul - Cat loves purple so the middle "cabin" was purple with cream and gold batiks. 

And this one I made for Emma and Olaf - Emma gave me some fabric from her bedroom curtains and headboard.  This I used for the "middle cabin" and toned it again with batiks.  It was huge - they have a very large bed!

Now both these girls are expecting their first baby in January - a baby quilt next!

This is a very dramatic log cabin, again in batiks, which I made for Nisha - she is a friend of my son Robbie.  She asked for golds and reds and deep pink/purple.

Then this is a flannel lap quilt which I made for my Mum's 90th birthday last year - long may this keep her cosy!
I love making Log Cabins Quilts, and have two currently being longarm quilted - I shall collect next week so will post pictures when I have sewn on the binding.  I love the variations one can achieve with the many different ways the blocks can be positioned - making each quilt totally unique.

Then there is this country style quilt - this is one of the first log cabins quilts I ever made, and I still love it - looks as good today in our home as it did when I made it!

Will post again next week after the FESTIVAL OF QUILTS!


  1. Angie, you are an artist... I want to lear to do Log Cabin, they are beautifuls. Kisses from Spain!

  2. You are too kind Itsaso - thank you so much. there is so much joy in making something beautiful and unique x

  3. I love those creations. thank you fro sharing. hugs from Italy

  4. Wow! I had never though that log cabin quilts could be so beautiful. I love the way you combine the colors. I need to make a baby quilt, and think I will try doing a log cabin. I just hope it turns out somewhere close to as good are all of yours have.

  5. Hi Beth: thanks so much for your encouraging comments, much appreciated. I think a good design for baby quilts is "Round the World" - lots of bright fabrics with animals etc. - 3.5" cut squares, can look really fun - give it a try! Good luck.